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Ms. G’s Children’s Book

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Ms. G Children's Book

Children’s Book

Ms. G’s Shadowy Road to Fame:
The “True” Story of the Massachusetts State Groundhog

Author: Meteorologist Mish Michaels
Illustrator / Watercolorist: Kathleen Jameson

Ms. G is a female groundhog who resides at Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Since 2008, Ms. G has delivered an annual Groundhog Day weather forecast every February 2nd. As tradition holds, if she sees her shadow, winter will continue for six more weeks. No shadow means spring will be coming soon! Her prognostications are celebrated by fans across the state who appreciate her local weather expertise.

Long-time Boston TV Meteorologist Mish Michaels and her daughter, Nalina Ashlee, led the campaign to make Ms. G the Official State Groundhog for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2012, Mish met with Wellesley Representative Alice Peisch, who crafted Bill H.2864 designating Ms. G for the post of State Groundhog.

In January 2014, Nalina Ashlee and her classmates at Hunnewell Elementary School in Wellesley testified before a State House committee on behalf of Ms. G.

Thanks to the hard work of the many young campaign supporters, the Ms. G Bill moved favorably through both the House and Senate. On July 31st, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill into law, making Ms. G the Official State Groundhog of Massachusetts.

The hardcover children’s book, Ms. G’s Shadowy Road to Fame, is based in part on Ms. G’s story. 10% of profits will go to support Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary where Ms. G resides.

Fun Fact:
Ms. G began posting a forecast for Groundhog Day in 2008. According to analysis by the Blue Hill Weather Observatory, Ms. G has been accurate 60% of the time. The accuracy of seasonal forecasts generated by human weather experts is estimated to be around 50%.

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Kids are raving about the new Ms. G book!

Meet the author, illustrator and real life characters >

Weather Journal of a Groundhog

Mish Michaels, Author

Meteorologist Mish Michaels was inspired to study weather after a tornado ripped through her neighborhood when she was in kindergarten. Eventually, she went on to study Atmospheric Science at Cornell University. Her career as a forecaster, storm chaser, and environmental reporter spanned almost two decades in Boston where she worked for WHDH, WBZ and The Weather Channel. During this time, she earned a Master’s in Education from Harvard University, taught meteorology in the Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at UMass Lowell, spent time teaching K-12 students about weather in hundreds of classrooms, and ran her own weather publishing company.

Now Mish explores the skies and talks about weather with her eight year old daughter who attends Hunnewell Elementary School in Wellesley. Her schoolmates have spearheaded the campaign to make Ms. G Massachusetts’s official State Groundhog. Together Mish and her daughter have written the story of Ms. G, turning it into a children’s book so all can enjoy the weather adventures of this loveable groundhog.

On February 3, 2014, just hours (4:50am) after Ms. G posted her annual forecast, Mish welcomed her second daughter into the world. She is now the newest member of the Ms. G campaign. When the new baby heard about the forecast for 6 more weeks of winter, she yawned and did the same as Ms. G—went into hibernation!

Weather Journal of a Groundhog

Kathleen Jameson, Illustrator / Watercolorist

Groundhog Day holds special significance for Kathleen–it’s her wedding anniversary! She married her husband Bob 44 years ago on February 2nd. Together they have three beautiful daughters— Jennifer, Kristen, and Shannon and seven fantastic grandchildren— Ryan, Ethan, Olivia, Tatum, Teagan, Benjamin and last but not least, baby Kate.

Although Kathleen has worked at Boston College for the past twenty years, and in her position is often called upon to utilize design skills, she felt she needed a “non-work” creative outlet. So she signed up for a watercolor class where she had the good fortune to meet Mish! Kathleen often spoke of her desire to illustrate children’s books, so when Mish invited Kathleen to illustrate a book she was working on about Ms. G, Kathleen jumped at the chance.

Art and design permeates every aspect of Kathleen’s life. Not only in her professional life at BC, but in her private life too. From painting to gardening, her love for creative cooking, and interior design, Kathleen says, “I have come to realize that art in all of its forms inspires and infiltrates every aspect of what makes me happy. When you are so passionate about something you can get totally lost in, it is amazing.” In addition, Kathleen loves golfing, sports, and groundhogs, of course!

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